Light Electric Vehicles Company
P.O. Box 1316, Eugene, OR 97440-1316, USA
Phone: 541-915-7207
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Light Electric Vehicles Company (LightEVs™) intends to provide electric two and three wheel vehicles, as well as electric propulsion system products, all using advanced power packs from EEStor, Inc. under our exclusive worldwide technology agreement with them. Our objective is to make better quality light electric vehicles available to the world market at more affordable prices. We expect these vehicles to compete directly with petroleum powered two and three wheel vehicles, and to also eventually replace similar electrically powered products which currently use electrochemical batteries. More information will be posted to this web site as progress is made toward introduction of the EEStor™ technology.
Vehicle manufacturers of two and three wheel vehicles, interested in using this technology, should contact us via the addresses and/or phone number indicated above.
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